The Advantages of Fractional Jet Ownership

The major advantages are sometimes considered to be convenience and cost. Some studies have indicated that business jets generally are more cost effective than commercial airline service even when there are commercial services available between the cities involved. The studies indicate the following savings of time and money:

  1. Using business aircraft can save 4 hours travel time and/or 8 hours productive time per average business trip, because business jets can land at about 5,500 domestic airports versus about 500 for scheduled airline service.  Private air travel options get you closer to exurban, suburban and rural destinations, saving time lost in traffic and at the airport.
  2. Business aircraft can save on hotel bills and overnight time away from home.
  3. The typical business jet trip (for example, moving an entire executive or marketing team for a "road show") can save thousands of dollars in direct costs, airfare, salary, expenses, etc. per person, leveraging the value of executives’ time to the company.

Note that about 25% of corporate jets are owned by individuals who want or need a jet for personal and family travel as well.

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