What Does It Cost?

The purchase price of buying into a fractional jet ownership ranges anywhere from around  $400,000.00 for a 1/16th interest in a Beechcraft 400A small jet to about $22,000,000.00 for a one half interest in a Gulfstream 550 corporate airliner. Monthly management fees for the same aircraft types and shares would range from around $6,500.00 to over $130,000.00. Hourly fees may range from $1,200.00  to $3,700.00 per hour, exclusive of fuel and other surcharges, which vary by program.

For a typical mid-size jet, such as a Hawker 800XP, Lear 45, or Citation Sovereign, the purchase price of a 1/8 share would be between $1,200,000.00 and $2,500,000.00, with monthly management fees of between $15,000.00 and $19,000.00, and hourly fees of between $2,200.00 and $2,700.00, exclusive of fuel surcharges. The owner would be entitled to 100 hours per year or more of flight time, depending on the program manager.

All pricing information above is estimated, based on variations between new and used aircraft, mid-2007 market pricing for same, and abridged program terms and conditions. Please conduct your own pricing research, or contact us for further, more specific information.

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