Are You A First Timer?

Our firm has represented scores of fractional owners in hundreds of fractional transactions.  Many of those who contact us have never previously owned a private jet.  Although they may have chartered aircraft, they would be first timers in fractional ownership.

If you are a first timer, we recommend you review our entire website but will summarize here a few of the most common inquiries raised by first timers.

The ABC's of Fractional for First Time Jet Users

Fractional ownership has been called "The Ultimate Upgrade." With a fractional program you go where you want to go, when you want to go, and with whom you want to go in your own private jet. You have space to relax or work as you wish. You can eat and drink what you like (subject to local catering availability), fly with whomever you wish (including pets), and avoid the inconvenience of most airport security procedures.

Some of the common reasons for owning a fractional jet include:

The ability to visit more places in much less time with on demand service, which can double or triple the number of destinations and meetings per travel day and still allow a return home the same night.

  1. Avoiding the delay and hassle of multiple airport searches.
  2. Avoiding the need to arrive at an airport 2 hours before take off.
  3. Avoiding missed and canceled connecting flights.
  4. Keeping pets with you in the cabin rather than as baggage in cargo holds.
  5. Avoiding searches of personal baggage.
  6. Transportation of athletic, outdoors, or other special items, such as musical instruments.
  7. Privacy during flights. No third parties to see you or overhear you or your companions.
  8. Security.

Any or all of these reasons are valid reasons for seeking the "ultimate upgrade".

The advantages of fractional jet ownership over other forms of jet ownership or usage include:

  1. Safety - There has never been a fatal accident in a fractional jet program.
  2. High aircraft maintenance standards.
  3. Large numbers of available aircraft. Total fractional fleet is in excess of 1,000 airplanes.  NetJets alone has more than 600 airplanes.
  4. High pilot standards.
  5. Flexibility.
  6. Guaranteed on demand availability. In most cases, a jet will be available to you with advance notice of as little as 6 hours.

Again, we recommend that you review this entire website for information, or contact us for a client screening interview. 

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